About Thai Basil Express

         Thai Basil Express is a family owned and operated restaurant that is based on the legendary Thai food of Thai Basil in Berkeley. The restaurant in Berkeley is well known among UC Berkeley students and its residents for its affordable and respected Thai food. The restaurant was founded by two sisters and their families in 1997, and soon became loved by the people of Berkeley. 

         The only real change between this spin-off is that the concept is a little different. Our concept is to provide the same award-winning food in a casual dining atmosphere except faster. Every order will still be individually cooked so there is no sacrifice in taste. We are trying to provide an alternative to all the fine dining restaurants in the Tri-valley by specializing in takeout orders and providing a relaxed and casual restaurant.


Thai Basil Express

4288 Dublin Blvd,

Dublin, Ca 94568

(Ulferts Center Building, unit#117)     


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